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      QuizRevolution Solution

      QuizRevolution’s solution is designed to enable you to add customized quizzes to your website as quickly and easily as possible. Our solution includes:

      Quiz creation wizards

      Our quiz creation editor takes you through a 5 step process to creating interactive multimedia quizzes for your site. It's quick and easy to customize your quiz to match your audience’s interests. Once you have finished your quiz, it is instantly live and playable from within the editor. For $4.99 you can publish it on your own personal channel page on QuizRevolution or embed the quiz on your website or blog for $4.99 a month.

      Channel pages

      Once you purchase a quiz on QuizRevolution you get your own channel page where your quiz players can come to play your quizzes. This includes a scoreboard tracking the scores of all registered players on all of your quizzes, a message board for your quiz players, and recommendations for other quizzes you have created or played.

      Quiz management & statistics

      Your My Account page is the place to manage your quizzes and track their performance. It includes handy links to edit and preview your quizzes. In addition, it has a link to a Reports & Statistics page [premium feature] where you can see how many players played each of your quizzes plus detailed reports on each question and any custom end of quiz actions you have added.