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    QuizRevolution is a platform for do-it-yourself quizzes and surveys. You can make and launch your own quiz or survey, all about your own content and topics. Launch it in minutes with a single line of code to build your audience, to keep visitors on your web pages more engaged.

    At QuizRevolution you create your own highly interactive quiz or survey with the content of your website or blog subjects very quickly and easily. You simply add your own content into the QuizRevolution editor wizard creating a custom app for your audience. Once you have created your app, you copy and paste a bit of HTML to your website and you are done! Our app templates are ready-to-use solutions and super easy to match up to the style of your web pages. They require ZERO programming experience and zero designing expertise.


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    What is QuizRevolution?

    At QuizRevolution you can create interactive quiz or survey content for your website or blog quickly and easily. Simply add your own content via our easy-to-use wizard editor and create a customized quiz or survey app for your audience. After you’ve created your app, copy and paste a few lines of HTML into your website and you’re ready to go! Our quiz or survey app templates are ready-to-use solutions and super easy to match up to the styling of your web page. They require ZERO programming experience and zero design effort.

    Where can I see examples of QuizRevolution quizzes or surveys?

    View app examples by clicking on any of our Client-Logos or on our Most-Popular link. You can also browse many live use-cases in the "Example Templates" accessed on our bottom-of-page menus - see below.

    Why should I use QuizRevolution templates to create a quiz for my web site?

    QuizRevolution is a ready-to-use solution for marketing, training, tutoring, testing, promoting and even for plain fun. It requires zero coding or designing effort. Making your very own app with QuizRevolution is really easy. You create and launch in a few simple steps. Then it is easy to embed and will look great on your web site. You will be astonished at how easy it is to create great-looking, engaging interactive content which you can even use to help monetize your website. For more information and examples, check out our Most-Popular examples page.

    Can I publish to Facebook?

    Yes! Just follow the easy steps on the Publish tab of the QuizRevolution Editor to publish to a Facebook Page

    How do I make a quiz or survey?

    Click Create Quiz or Survey. If you already registered, you must be logged in to create a quiz or survey. If you’re not registered, you can register in seconds, for free. Follow the step-by-step: Title, Add Questions, media, texts, and launch your very own app. You will be able to tweak and improve your content 24/7 even after you have launched and embedded your quiz or survey. All updates are dynamic to all embeds. So go for it!! Have fun. Send us any questions you have along the way.

    Is there a limit to the number of questions I can add?

    No. You can add as many questions as you wish. Keep in mind that very long quizzes or surveys require more motivating factors for your visitors to want to reach the end.

    What types of media can I add to my quiz or survey?

    You can paste a link to any YouTube video, or upload your images or point to an image address and we will upload it for you. You may upload images from your computer (we currently support .gif, .jpg, and .png files up to 1MB in size) or copy and paste links to most images on the web. You can add unlimited and formatted text to any media location. You can also add HTML linking to other web content.

    Video: Paste the share link to any YouTube video. Other hosted video sites may also work with QuizRevolution. If you experience a problem or wish to request a site for added support of videos, please contact us and let us know.

    Images: You may upload images from your computer (.gif, .jpg or .png files). Most web-links are also supported via pasting of the web image link.

    Text: You can add unlimited and formatted text into any media location. You can also add HTML and links to images.

    How do I review and / or edit quiz or survey apps I have created?

    As a registered user and while you are logged in to QuizRevolution, you can click on your My Account link in the menu navigation to access your account page. The page displays all the apps you have created. On your list, click the edit button next to the app you wish to edit.

    What will users see at the end of my quiz or survey?

    Players are shown their final score on a scoreboard or you can create your own custom ending with your closing message. We have a number of flexible options for this including: Different types of media: Video, Images, Easy to format text with hyperlinks.
    QuizRevolution App creators have options.
    In general, a scoreboard is visible at the end. Players can login / register and logged-in users can see their play ranking. The scoreboard appears with the leading scores achieved by players of that app.
    A custom ending can be selected with your own app ending message. The ending options provide flexibility including:
    Multiple media types, Video, Images, Easy to format text / html (no java-script).
    Media + a form for custom feedback from your players so they can submit names, phone numbers (whatever) or provide feedback.

    What is a “Multiple Choice” quiz?

    It’s a quiz which allows you to combine fun content with user feedback, or even include a promotion; an advert. A quiz will engage your web site visitors and ensure that your content and/or promotion is actually seen and acted upon.

    What types of promotions can I run?

    The post-question feedback area is unlimited and flexible. You can add:
    Images + custom feedback
    Images + links to affiliate sales or learn-more pages
    Videos + links
    Email for newsletter subscribers or white-paper download
    Submitted feedback and forms can be added at the custom ending page. These are found in the "Reports & Statistics" section of your "My Account" page. These enhanced data gathering tools are premium features at very low cost.

    Can a quiz or survey be very long?

    Yes, some quizzes have hundreds of questions. However, it is not expected that anyone answer all the questions in one sitting (although some people do!). Players can come back and continue later.

    How do I monitor the performance of visitors on my quiz or survey?

    Analytics are available for comparisons to improve and sharpen campaigns. On your account profile page, premium users can select an app to see the data related to their engagement and respondents. On your MyAccount Profile page, premium users have a "data - statistics" tab. This page provides a select-app for reports. On selected apps you can view:
    How many people have started your app.
    How many people have taken each question.
    Scores for each registered player.
    How many people have finished.
    How many people have performed an action e.g. press the button or submit information (an e-mail or other user data) at the ending page.
    Any information submitted by those users.
    The % of people who got each question right / wrong.

    What is a QuizRevolution Channel Page?

    A Channel Page is a page where YOUR quizzes and surveys can be played and shared. Your Channel Page includes a customizable user profile area.

    How do I customize my Channel Page?

    On your My Account page there is a User Profile tab where you can update your User Profile information to appear on your Channel page.

    How does my scoreboard work?

    The scoreboard shows the leading players for your (active) apps.

    Is QuizRevolution free?

    QuizRevolution includes free quizzes and survey use, playable via the user's channel page. If you are interested in embedding the quiz on your personal website, we offer a low-cost premium solution. These start at embed only (with ads) to scalable ad-free premium for anywhere deployment, customized endings, and data analytics. See our Pricing Page for more information.

    Can I have a custom templates and options?

    Yes, we have customized options for many customers. Please contact us with any questions.

    Are there special settings for Safari browsers to ensure optimal quizzing experience?

    These settings may be needed on Safari browsers to ensure the best experience.
    Click on the Settings-Preferences... (or CTRL+,)
    Click on the Security
    Check "Enable Javascript"
    For "Accept cookies" - select "Always"
    Close the preferences window
    Close your Safari browser and reopen and play the quiz or survey app again
    Please contact us if you experience any problems after following these instructions.

    I have an skin from an earlier version of QuizRevolution. How do I i upgrade it?

    Just click the "Edit" link from your My Account page on your existing quiz, and it will automatically upgrade to the new version, allowing you to choose new colors and fonts. You will need to update your embed URL to reflect the new code.
    Existing legacy embeds should continue to work if you do not modify the quiz in the new editor.

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